How to connect the Honeywell 6100 terminal to a Wi-Fi network

To connect your Honeywell 6100 terminal to a Wi-Fi network follow the steps indicated below:

1. Click on the start button of your PDA located at the bottom left of the screen. Go to All programs and click on the WLAN SWC application.


A screen similar to the following will appear where the parameters will be blank.

2. Go to the Config tab where you will find this screen:

3. Once you access the Config tab you will find this screen.

4. Press the SCAN button so that the gun performs a search of Wi-Fi connections within reach. Select the Wi-Fi connection you want to connect to and press the ADD button. A screen will appear where we must enter the password of our Wi-Fi network (PSK field).


5. Once you've added our network, mark it and click on the Checkbox that appears on the left side. Once marked, press the Activate button.

If we have entered the correct password, a screen like the following will appear:

6. Confirm that the IP Address field is completed. If this field is empty, check the Wi-Fi password you have entered and the network you have connected to.

If you enter the correct network and password, this field will be filled in automatically and you will be connected.

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