How to connect the Honewywell 6000 terminal to a Wi-Fi network

To connect your Honeywell 6000 terminal to a Wi-Fi network follow the steps indicated below:

1. Open the Windows menu and go to the Dolphin Wireless Manager icon. You can also access it from the top bar of the desktop. If the Dolphin Wireless Manager icon does not appear, you can find it in the Settings > Connections folder.

2. Press WLAN and the red box (OFF) will change to green (ON).

3. Press Menu and go to WLAN Settings.

4. Press the SCAN button and a window will open with all Wi-Fi networks within reach. Select the network you want to connect to and press Add.

5. Enter the password in the PSK field and press OK.

6. The network that we have selected will appear added in the box of the Config tab. Select it and press Activate.

If we have entered the data correctly and the PDA has connected, the white arrows on the top bar will change from Not connected to Connected.

Connected                                           Not connected


Now you can open the Onebox Access Control application.

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