How to connect the Honeywell 60s terminal to the 3G network

Follow these instructions step by step to connect your Honeywell 60s PDA to the 3G network.

Note: Before connecting your PDA to the 3G network ensure that it has a SIM card with the data connection enabled.

1. Open the Windows menu and go to the Dolphin Wireless Manager icon. You can also access it from the top bar of the desktop. If the Dolphin Wireless Manager icon does not appear, you can find it in the Settings > Connections folder.     

2. Press Phone and the red box (OFF) will change to green (ON). Then the coverage icon in the top bar should change to the type of coverage we have at that time and that supports our SIM.

 3. Once connected, we can now open the Onebox Access Control application.


  • It is possible Es posible que, en el momento de abrir la aplicación o durante el proceso de conexión de la PDA a la red 3G, aparezca la siguiente pantalla:

  • In this case, do not enter any value. Leave all the fields blank and press OK. Next, the GPRS connection message will appear. Press Hide or simply let the message disappear  

4. Once connected, the application will open and request your login details. 

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