How to validate tickets in Onebox Access Control

Once the sessions are loaded in our PDA, we can perform the validation of tickets in Onebox Access Control.


1. Press the Access Control button and confirm that the image on the screen coincides with that shown below.

2. Make sure that the cursor is inside the blank box and press the button in the centre of the PDA: SCAN to activate the laser reader. 


3. Point the light beam at the bar code or QR code on the ticket and move the PDA to frame it correctly for correct reading. When reading, the PDA beeps and shows one of the following messages:

  • Validation ok: When the validation has been successful.
  • Validation ko: When the validation could not be performed.
  • Already validated: When the code or ticket has been previously validated.

(VALIDATION OK)               (VALIDATION KO)                 (ALREADY VALIDATED)


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