How to change picture darkness on the CL400S Citizen printer

You can change the picture darkness setting of the Citizen CL400S printer in two ways: Changing the parameters of the panel or adjusting the tension wheel. Now we'll explain the two options step by step.

Via the panel parameters

To change the parameters directly in the panel you need to know these four buttons that are shown in the picture:

1. Pause and go back to the previous menu.

2. Go to the menu and and scroll down within the menu

3. Stop and go to the option which is displayed on the screen or accept.

4. Paper feed and scroll up within the menu.

To change the darkness, browse within the printer menu until you find the following option: Menu > Page Setup > Print Darkness

Once inside, change the values according to your needs. By default a value of 10 is shown.We suggest using values between 10 and 15.

Via the tension wheel

Another way of increasing image darkness is by adjusting the tension wheel which can be found at the back of the printer.

This wheel measures the darkness on a scale of 0 to 9, where 0 is the highest tension and 9 is the lowest tension.

We recommend using values between 4 and 6 as using higher tension values will mean the printer makes more noise when printing.

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