ZEBRA GX430T Printer: Technical features

The Zebra GX430T printer is one of the most comprehensive terminals available. Its main advantages are:

  • High speed.
  • Maximum print quality.
  • Various connectivity options.
  • Wide variety of functions and applications.
  • Innovative features for handling tickets, receipts and name tags.

These features make it an efficient, flexible and profitable printer that will allow you to save time and offer the hghest quality to your customers.


Technical features:

  • Print width: 4.09”/104 mm.
  • Print resolution: 300 dpi/12 dots per mm.
  • Maximum printing speed: 4”/102 mm per second (300 dpi).
  • Material sensors: Fixed transmissive and reflective sensors (Standard) and Multi-position transmissive and full width reflective sensor (Optional).
  • Communication methods:
  1. RS-232 auto-sensing serial interface, DB-9
  2. USB V1.1, bi-directional
  3. Centronics Parallel
  4. Ethernet - 10/100 internal (optional) offered in combination with USB and Serial interface (replaces Parallel port)
  5. Wireless - 802.11b/g or Bluetooth 2.0 (optional) with LCD display offered in combination with USB and Serial interfaces (replaces Parallel port)

You can also check the manufacturer's technical specifications on their website:

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