How to connect the citizen CL400S printer

There are several ways of connecting the Citizen CL400S printer. Choose the one which best adapts to the needs and limitations of your venue.


With reliable internet connection

This type of connection is the most stable but you need to have access to internet equipment. If you do, you can configure the connection to the stable network follwing these steps:

1. Connect the printer directly to the internet cable or a Switch or router if that's possible. The most recommended is to have access to a Switch where the IT equipment can be connected directly to the printer.

2. Configure the internet parameters which we're interested in, in the printer. The parameters will depend on the configuration of the internet and the equipment.

This connection will mean that any equipment in the same network can use this printer, applying the correct configuration in Box Office.


Direct Connection

This alternative connection is usually used in occasional venues or where there is no option of using a reliable network. The advantage of this connection is that it is very quick to configure and needs less cables; and it can also work in places without connection.

You can configure the connection following these steps:

1. Connect the printer directly to the equipment with an internet cable. Remember the equipment needs to have access to the Intenet via Wi-Fi or 3G.

2. Configure the printer IP. Go to the equipment parameters and enter an IP address for our Ethernet adaptor. (now being used by the printer). We can put any IP address we like, bearing in mind that we must apply an IP of the same range as that which we apply to the printer. For example, if we apply the IP for the equipment, we must configure an IP 192.168.5.XXX for the printer. Where X is any number between 1 and 254, except that asigned to the equipment.

Once these steps for configuration of the connection method have been carried out, the printer will now work correctly.

Although there are alternative methods to carry out the connection, the printer will now work correctly.

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