Access Control: FAQs

I can't connect to the access control API 

If when trying to connect your PDA to the access control API this screen appears, follow the instructions that we show you below.

Possible causes:

  • You don't have Wi-Fi or GPRS connection.


  • If you already have the Wi-Fi or GPRS connection configured, wait for the PDA to connect and restart the application. Otherwise, configure the connection by following the information you'll find in the configuration article corresponding to your PDA.


I don't remember my username or password to access the access control API

If when accessing the access control API you do not remember your username and / or password, or have entered the incorrect information, consult the possible solutions below:

Possible causes:

  • You don't have WIFI or GPRS connection.
  • Invalid username or password.


Check that you have WIFI or GPRS connection. If so, check that you have entered your username and password correctly.


I can't upload performances in the PDA

If when trying to upload performances on your access control PDA, a connection error appears on the screen, review the causes and solutions below.

Possible causes:

  • You've lost connection during the upload process.

  • The date or time on the PDA are incorrect.
  • The name of the performance of the event or another sector is too long. The maximum is between 45 and 50 characters.

  • The performance doesn't appear because it's more than 15 days away (change dates).
  • The PDA memory is full.


WIFI networks don't appear when I press SCAN on my access control PDA

If you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network from your PDA because they are not visible in the list of networks, see the instructions below.

Possible causes:

  • The Wireless adaptor isn't working properly.


  • Remove the saved Wi-Fi network and restart the PDA. If not resolved, reinstall the drivers and adaptor software corresponding to your PDA model following the article: Installation manual.


SCANMANWEDGE or SCANWEDGE error when entering the Access Control application

Possible causes:

  • The file doesn't exist or has stopped working properly.


  • Restart the PDA. If not resolved, reinstall the Powertools corresponding to your PDA model following the article: Installation manual.


Error reading bar code or QR code

Possible causes:

  • The uploaded performance isn't the correct one.
  • The PDA cursor isn't inside the blank space of the API reader.

  • The laser is not activated when we press the scan button.


  • Restart the PDA.
  • Upload the correct performance.
  • Reinstall the Powertools and Access Control application corresponding to your PDA model following the article: Installation manual.


My PDA does not emit sound when I read a barcode or QR code

If no sound is emitted when reading the barcodes or QR codes with the PDA in the access control, review the information below.

Possible causes:

  • The volume is off or very low.
  • The reader is not working correctly.


  • Restart the PDA.
  • Switch on or turn up the PDA volume.
  • Reinstall the Powertools following the steps in the article: Installation.

I do not see a session to load on the PDA:

Possible causes:

  • The PDA does not have the time set correctly


  • Set the time on the device well from the time field
  • Load the session you need

tempsnip.png   tempsniep.png

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