How to configure Onebox Access Control

When configuring the OneBox Acces Control you must take into account these requirements necessary for its proper functioning.


  • If your venue has a reliable internet connection:

- Minimum network connection of 6 Mb download.

- The distance cannot exceed 15 metres. Avoid obstacles such as doors or walls, as they can reduce the intensity of the signal.

- If you do not have an adequate distance for the connection, you will need a signal repeater or any other network device (routers, access points or Wi-Fi extender) to guarantee a good signal.

- The control devices must have their own Wi-Fi network to guarantee a connection without drops in speed.


  • If your venue doesn't have a reliable internet connection:

 - Put connection equipment (4G Router) to get the most out of the Wi-Fi network. Place the 4G router at the point of maximum coverage.

- Connect several additional access points to extend the network.

- If you only have 3G access equipment, they will be subject to the coverage at the point where the control is carried out.


Other recommendations for access control:

  • It is important to test the entire connection of the venue at least one day before the event. This way we can anticipate and repair any problem in the access points if necessary.
  • Make sure that the equipment is 100% charged before access control begins.
  • Upload performances to the equipment at least one hour before the start of access control.
  • Place the access control in a shaded area since the light beam can be affected by too much light.
  • Place the access control in a place where order can be maintained among the attendees to avoid overcrowding.
  • Have, as a minimum, an access control team for every 800 attendees. The number of control devices will vary depending on the number of access points.
  • Have at least one spare device in case any of them break during the event.


Once these requirements have been taken into account, you can continue with the uploading of performances and the access control ticket validations.

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