How to create ticket templates

To create or modify ticket templates follow this route in Cpanel Event management > Ticket templates.

In this section you can configure the templates used in the PDF ticket and the ZPL ticket. Both the PDF and the ZPL templates have several designs to choose from, according to the details of each ticket.

To create a new ticket template you need to go to the Event management > Ticket templates > New ticket template.

Once the template has been created, the unit has three tabs where you can configure or modify the ticket template:

  1. Main details, where you can check the main details of the template and configure the name, design, language and whether it’s a predetermined template or not.
  2. Images, where you can configure images at template level: Header image, Ticket background image, Event image, Main banner, Secondary banner and Channel banner.

To learn more about PDF ticket images, you can refer to the article How to change ticket images.

  1. Texts, where you can configure each and every one of the texts which appear in the ticket template.

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