How to edit a numbered template

Before starting the configuration of the venue template the following must be clear:

  • How many sectors will our venue have?
  • What will the sectors be called?
  • What is the total capacity of the venue?
  • How many price ranges will we have?
  • How many seats will be free and how many will be held?
  • Will we have seats for people with Reduced Mobility? And those who are completely or partially visually impaired?


Once you have all the information clear, go to your venue template via Event management > Events > Event template and follow step by step the instructions below:


1. Add the template previously created by OneBox

In Event management > Events > Event template select New and choose the option Base template.


2. Set price ranges

In the menu on the left-hand side, click on Price ranges and by default a Base Zone will appear. If you don’t want this zone to appear, click on the pencil icon to edit it. Give it a name, code and colour and click on Accept.

Select the seats and transfer them to a price range. To do this, select the numbered zone and click on the price range. This way the capacity of each unnumbered zone will be included in the price range that you have selected.

Use the drawing pin icon to select what you want to see in the central screen. 


3. Configure holds

Holds are seats which are temporarily not on sale. In the menu on the right-hand side, you can create as many holds as you need. By default a Hold called Promoter holds is created, but you can edit it by clicking on the pencil and changing the name, code and colour.

To create new holds, follow these instructions:

  • Click on New type of hold.
  • Once the holds have been created, select the numbered zone where you want to hold seats and click on the hold that you want to apply.

Note: To hold just a few seats of a numbered zone, it’s necessary to make the holds later, via the sessions tab.


4. Create sales groups

sales group is the capacity of an event that we want to be sold in a certain channel. That means we can activate all the capacity of an event for one sales channel or activate just a part of the capacity. 

To determine which capacity is sold in each sales channel, follow these steps:


A. Create a sales group and identify it with the channel name: "Channel X".

B. Select the seats that you want to add to this sales group.

C. Link within the event, in the tab Channels > General Details > Sales Groups, the sales channel with this sales group.


5. Configure visibility and accessibility.

To denote locations as being reduced mobility, or completely or partially reduced visibility select the unnumbered zone and click on the visibility ticket which you want to apply to it: good, reduced or void. In the same way show that an unnumbered zone is reduced mobility; select the unnumbered zone and click on Accessibility: Reduced mobility.

Note: To hold only a few seatss within a numbered zone, you need to do the holds later from the sessions tab.


6. Configure access

In this section you’ll be able to create different access tickets according to the accesses that the venue has.

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