How to create promotion templates

As event manager, it can be very repetitive having to manually input a series of identical discounts for each event you manage. In this case you can choose the discount template creator that allows you to quickly apply a series of preconfigured discounts.

To create this type of template go to CPanel and follow this route: Event management > Discount Templates > New discount template.


1. The New discount template creation screen includes the name of the discount and the type of discount. You can consult the article Discount Types for a detailed description of each one.

2. Once the discount has been created, it will appear in the discount template list. Select the new discount template and configure the rest of the details of the template in the two sections that appear at the bottom of the screen:


  • Procedure: Who is the discount aimed at? Sales channel where to be activated, ticket options, validity period and limits.
  • Incentive: Discount applied.

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