How to add prices to the tickets

It is necessary to have configured the event template and the price zones before assigning the prices. Once done, you can access the Prices section, in Events Management > Events, and define the rates and prices of your event.

  • If you want to create different rates for each price zone:

Click on Rates and, in the blank space (below Rates), type the name of the rate you want to create and click on New Rate. When creating the different rates they will be placed in columns in the table at the bottom of this section.

Once all the rates have been created, double click on the zeros that appear in the different cells of the table and assign to each combination of Rate and Price Zone the amount you wish to apply.

By default, a General rate appears that you can delete once you have created other rates. To eliminate a rate, make sure it is not the main rate (indicated by a star) and click on the - sign. If it is marked with a star, you only have to click on the star of another rate and this will then be the main rate.

  • If you only need a single rate per price zone:

Double click on the zeros that appear in the different cells of the table at the bottom of the screen and assign to each Price Zone the amount of the rate you wish to apply.


In the Sessions section we will assign the rates to the different sessions.

Before going to the Surcharges section, remember to Save the changes.


Notice: Once we have activated our event we can only change the price of the tickets if we set the event back into the Set Up status.

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