How to manage a user

In this sub-tab you can carry out several actions on the users registered in the system:

  • Assign permissions to users: To assign permissions to users, it is necessary to select the user to whom we want to assign roles and once selected, click on Permissions. In this section you can select one of the user roles. By clicking on each of the roles we can know what features it implies.

On the other hand, you can also do the following actions by clicking on the "wheel" on the right of the user in the users' list:

  • Modify user data: To modify user data (except for the email), it is simply necessary to select the user and select the General Information tab. Here we can modify the general and contact data of the user.
  • Remove users: Click on the settings wheel and select the Delete option. The user will be automatically removed from the system and will not be able to access the back office.
  • Regenerate keys: Click on the settings wheel and select the Regenerate key option. An email is sent to the user's email to reset the password.
  • Hold users: Click on the settings wheel and select the Hold user option. This action disables the user's access to the platform. Later it can be unlocked by a user of the entity under which the user is registered.
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