How to activate reservations in OB Box Office

To be able to make reservations in the Box Office, it’s necessary to check that this option is configured in the event within CPanel. To do that, go to Event management > Events and follow these steps:

  1. Check that the event allows reservations in the tab General Information > General settings. If it doesn’t, activate reservations for this event.
  2. Check that the performance has reservations activated. You can check this in Performances > Procedures. If it hasn’t, activate reservations.
  3. Check that the performance has reservations activated in the channel. You can check it within the event in Channels > General information > Procedure. If it hasn’t, activate the reservations.
  4. Check that the date and sales end time have not passed. You can also check this in Performances > Procedure. If the time has passed, alter the date and time of end of sales.
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