How to configure gift tickets

When a customer buys a ticket as a gift it creates a Gift ticket which is accompanied by a validation code to access the event.

The person who receives it can access the website to select the date and the seats that they want. By introducing the validation code in discounts they’ll get their tickets at €0.

Configuration of Gift Tickets

So that customers can obtain these types of tickets, it’s necessary to do the configuration in the system following these steps:

1. Create an event called Gift Ticket of type Gift ticket with the following characteristics:

  • Select the option: Is a Gift Event within the route General Information > Main details.

  • Add an unnumbered template with the capacity that you need destined for the gift ticket.
  • Create a performance called Gift Ticket. The date and time shown in the configuration will not be reflected in the event.
  • Configure a template for ticket PDF of the type "PDF Gift Ticket"
  • Add a description with images and an explanation of how the Gift Ticket works. We recommend that this explanation be very clear and visual.

1_image_1494962664007.jpg   2_image_1461252220440.jpg


1_image_1494963026273.jpg   2017-11-28_15h52_36.png

  • Add the sales channel that you need. It is very important for the correct working of this configuration, not to create any discounts in the Gift Ticket event.


2. In those events where the Gift Ticket can be redeemed, it is necessary to create a discount called Gift Ticket with a 100% discount. The discount must be associated with a previously-created group of the type: Internal validation – Gift Ticket

Create as many discounts as zones available in the event for this type of ticket. For exa mple: Circle Gift Ticket, Stalls Gift Ticket etc.

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