How to make refunds

Here are the necessary steps to make a refund in the system.

When necessary, you can refund the sale price of a ticket through the system, but it is important that before you complete this process, you know the two types of refund that exist:


  • Automatic Refund: This is an automatic and direct refund to the POS, so no further action will be necessary once the refund has been confirmed.
  • Manual Refund: This is a refund that only shows the tickets as refunded, it doesn’t make the actual economic refund. For this reason, once the manual refund is confirmed from CPanel, the economic refund needs to be manually made at the payment POS platform.


To give a refund when the types of refunds have been explained, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Sales section of CPanel following this route: Sales info > Transaction finder and enter the reference number of the transaction you want to refund.

2. Once the code has been entered, select only those tickets that need to be refunded by checking the corresponding boxes.

3. Click on Refund and a box will be displayed in which, before confirming the refund, you have to select:

  • The amount to be refunded
  • The type of refund: automatic or manual.

4. To finish click on Confirm refund.

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