How to install the Box Office app

Before starting the installation of the Box Office app check these necessary prerequisites:


Adobe Air and Adobe Reader must be installed. If you don’t already have these programs, you can download them via the following links:

If you work with a Mac, install version 19 of Adobe Air from the following link:

Box Office app installation process

1. Download the app via this link:

It’s advisable to download the file using the browsers Google Chrome or Firefox. If downloaded with IE or Edge they will be downloaded in ZIP format rather than Air. In this case, delete the ZIP extension and replace it with Air.

2. Once downloaded, open the Boxoffice.air file and follow the installation steps, clicking on Accept.

3. Enter your licence and username. If it has been correctly installed, when the app is opened for the first time a window will appear asking for the licence number. You can create this licence number in Cpanel or asking us for it via Support.

Once introduced, it will ask us for our OneBox credentials.


Updating the Box Office application

To update the Box Office app once installed, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the current installation via Start\Control Panel\Programs\Programs and characteristics.
  2. Delete the Box Office file that you’ll find via the following route C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\AIR\ELS

Once the installation and the file have been deleted, we can install the Box Office application again following the steps indicated at the start of this article.

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