How to create promotions

Event discounts are configured at event level in Event management > Events > Discounts.

Before registering a discount, check the different types of discount at your disposal in this article: Types of discounts.

Follow these instructions to create a new discount:

1. Select the option New and configure the basic information about the discount: type of discount, name of discount and description.

2. Once the discount has been created, configure it through the Procedure and Incentives units.

     Configuring the discount Procedure

  • Groups: Select the group to which we want to apply the discount. For more information check the article: How to register a promotional codes
  • Sales channel: Select the channel or channels where you want to apply the discount. It can be applied to one, several or all of them. You can also indicate that the channels can specify alternative channel costs or surcharges to those sales made with this discount.
  • Ticket Options: Select if you want the details of the applied discount to be shown on the ticket.
  • Validity Period: Indicate during which period the consumer can take advantage of the discount. The periods are counted from 00:00h until 23.59h.
  • Limits: Select the limits of the discount. 

The types of limits vary according to the type of discount we have created. In the Automatic discounts, only these limits can be configured:

Configuring discount Incentives

  • Type of discount: Select the type of discount: fixed, percentage or new base price.

Remember that the Discount type promotions don’t allow a New base price type of incentive to be configured.

  • Products: Select the sessions to which the discount will be applied.

  • Seats: Configure the price ranges where the discount can be applied.


Other aspects to bear in mind

  • Alternative surcharges: If you have configured alternative surcharges in the Channels tab, in sales requests or in the channel itself; you need to select the option All channels in the desired discount:


If you want to configure alternative fees for the channel, select the option Discount with alternative channel fees and surcharges in the discount Procedure section.

If you want to configure alternative fees for the organizer, select the option Discount with alternative promoter surcharges in the discount Procedure section.



  • Holding discount: With a holding discount only those who are part of a validated group are allowed to complete the purchase process. As such, this option is only available if the discount is aimed at an already created group.

To configure this option, you need to select the option Private discount. Sales are restricted to clients of a certain group.

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