How to generate Event Manager reports

On the Onebox platform we find different types of reports addressed to the Event Organizer. These reports present the information in a summary format and are intended to be a key tool in decision making and in the daily management of the organizer.


To create reports on the system you need to go to the Sales info > Reports > Event Manager tab and choose one of the following options.

Types of Reports:


  • Event Sheet Shows all the information related to the configuration prior to the event going on sale: event producer, contact details, scheduled sessions, prices and dates of publication and going on sale.
  • General Sales This report allows you to quickly observe the sales made for each of the events that you have active and how they are distributed between the channels which you are working with.

The information is presented jointly according to the groups of events (tours, festivals, competitions ...) that the organizer has set out.

We can also see the profits of each of the distribution channels promoting our shows and what their average sale price is. This information will help us direct and target better where we offer certain products or make certain discounts.

  • General Sales (Reduced) Displays the Sales per Event tab of the General Sales report.
  • Event Sales This report compiles all the information on the procedure situation of a specific event: number of tickets sold, billing obtained, invitations created, revenue in terms of surcharges, percentage of occupancy, available capacity and average ticket price.


All this information is shown for each of the sessions and for each of the distribution channels which the organizer is working with.

Other relevant information is the distribution of sales by group, which offers the organizer information about the value of the discount and/or promotion he has made for each offer made.

  • Event Sales (Short) Displays the Sales per Session tab of the Sales per Event Report.
  • Performance Sales Allows you to filter any of the sessions of an event, to obtain information about the sales of a specific session or group of sessions.

In this report we focus on the sales made for each price range, taking into account the offers that have been available during the sales process. That is, the sales made are shown for each price offered according to the price range, thus obtaining an average sales price per zone.

  • Access report Report that lets you know the number of tickets sold (expected audience) for each of the venue entrances. While doors are open, the progress of validated tickets and the percentage of attendance can be checked online.


The report is displayed per individual session or for the group of sessions of an event.

  • Daily Sales Comparison Analytical report that compares daily sales with those of the previous year showing % variation and a trend chart.
  • Sales per period Asks for the product level (event or session) and period of time (day, week, month) and shows the progress and the accumulation from the beginning of the sale. This report has a higher response time.


You can access the report management in Cpanel from Sales > Reports > Event Organizer, or even from your mobile device through the Mobile App Reports. For more information on the use of reports on your mobile, see the Mobile App Reports manual.

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