How to obtain a list of tickets sold

The ticket list allows you to obtain information about tickets sold and export it to Excel or other formats in which to continue working.

To extract the Ticket List, it is necessary to follow these steps:


1. Go to Sales info > Tickets > List of tickets sold. The ticket list allows you to filter using the following fields:


2. Enter the necessary parameters to obtain the desired list. The data that we can filter to extract a specific list are:

  • Event: This filter does not show the archived events.
  • Performance: Multiple selection. The deleted sessions are never displayed.


If the filter per session is active, you can also filter by:

  • Price zone.
  • Sector.
  • Channel: Does not allow multiple selection.
  • Complementary tickets: Invitation or no invitation.
  • Print status: Printed or not printed.
  • Access control: Validated or not validated.
  • Date from: Date and time.
  • Date until: Date and time.


The ticket list shows all tickets, with the following exceptions:

  • Cancelled tickets are not displayed.
  • Refunds are not shown.
  • Tickets from archived events are not displayed.

It also shows a set of indicators in the lower part:

  • Total tickets: The number of tickets displayed on the screen after applying the filters.
  • Base price: The sum of the field base price of all tickets.
  • Discounts and promotions: The sum of the amounts of automatic discounts, customer discounts and customer promotions of all tickets.
  • Ticket price: The sum of the ticket price field of all tickets.
  • Organizer surcharges: The sum of the organizer surcharges field of all tickets.
  • Channel surcharges: The sum of the channel surcharges field of all tickets.
  • Total: Base price - all discounts and promotions + organizer surcharges + channel surcharges + delivery method expenses only for box office sales.

Indicators are not taken into account, nor do they appear for:

  • Insurance.
  • Surcharges for delivery methods for online sales.


3. The ticket list allows you to export ticket information to a CSV file, and even add more fields (columns) with extra information that is not displayed onscreen.

To export a ticket list it is necessary to select the excel icon that can be found in the upper right part of the screen.


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