How does the Queries tab work

The Queries tab, within the CRM module, is the tool to extract databases from customers who have purchased tickets in the platform.

The steps to obtain the databases are the following:

1) Go to CRM > Queries

2) The data can be obtained from different filters:


  • Personal details: In this section, the demographic filters of the data we want to obtain are to be configured.

  • Groups, subscription lists and channels: Select any of the following options:
    • Authorization to send communications (They have accepted or not accepted sending communications)
    • Subscription lists (It must have been previously created in CRM > Subscriptions and assigned to the corresponding event)
    • Collectives (If clients are linked to a group)
    • Channels (Select the channels to be used)


  • Business data

  • Products: In this section you can filter by different parameters such as event, session, promotion and date of the session.

3) Select Run Query to obtain the list on the screen of the requested data. This list can be exported in several formats.


The Queries module also allows you to link the databases to the subscription lists that allow customers who have purchased a certain type of event to be registered. It can also be linked to the distribution lists that allow certain data to be stored in order to disseminate mass form the information.

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